Chili’s Reunion

Late one night, Pam snuck into the Chili’s that banned her.  She sat at the bar, ordered the chicken fajitas.  Pam was wearing a baseball cap to hide her face. She called Jim. Pam told Jim where she was and the way he talked, she could tell he was smiling.  Pam ordered a drink. A few drinks. She could still hear Michael singing through the shitty mic.  It had been years, she was sad, drunk sad, and missed Michael, missed the office.  Pam pulled her Dundie out of her pocket, left it on the counter, and walked out.

Logan Roberts is an artist and writer in Ohio. His chapbook, It’s a Knife, is available on Amazon. Current projects are the 50/50 blog, and 1,000 Poems. He tweets @hello_im_logan.

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