Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale and a Vincent Price Séance

Shoving an entire pumpkin pie up the nostrils and down the throat, never felt or tasted so . . . so right—until I tried the Elysian Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. At wine, beer, and chocolate tastings, I’ve been told, “Savor the creation. Sniff it first. Taste it on your tongue. Let it waft up into the palate.” There is no need to be so persnickety with this beer. Just pour a glass and drink it down. The wafting takes care of itself—like an intuitive spirit/ghost that knows you need pumpkin pie, a pillowcase full of candy—and Vincent Price. You really, really miss Vincent Price. You drink it down and feel his voice inside your body. It’s like some kind of massive, lyrical presence that reaches up and speaks from the depths. This is what came to me, in Vincent Price’s voice. Imagine it. Imagine it while you drink this beer:

Ghosts and goblins from every tomb

Drink this beer and make some room.

Pumpkin heads on headless horsemen,

Toothless grins of all assortment,

Bring otherworldly praise.

Pumpkin spice in all its glory

Mashed in pulpy parts all gory,

To you, we drink, our glasses raised.


Cecilia Kennedy once taught Spanish and English courses in Ohio. She now lives in Washington state, and writes horror stories. Her blog (Fixin’ Leaks and Leeks: https://fixinleaksnleeksdiy.blog/) chronicles her humorous (and perhaps scary?) attempts at cooking and home repair. She is also the adult beverage columnist for The Daily Drunk.

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