Mischievous Daddy Mando

Baby Yoda woke up craving chicken nuggies.  He’d eaten a double portion last night; nothing was left.

His daddy Mando wasn’t a nuggie fan; maybe some of his nuggies remained uneaten? Baby Yoda’s face lit up.

Quietly, he searched, making sure not to wake Dad. He could smell the nuggies but not see them, growing frustrated. 

Baby Yoda smiled. Mischievous Daddy Mando must’ve hidden the nuggies under his helmet!

Using the force, Baby Yoda lifted the helmet and flew the nuggies over . He closed his eyes, not in focus but in deference, trying not to see Daddy’s sleeping face.

Maura Yzmore wrangles words and equations somewhere in Flyover Land. Her poetry can be found in Back Patio Press, Neologism Poetry, Elephants Never, and elsewhere. See more at https://maurayzmore.com or on Twitter @MauraYzmore

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