Potentially Traumatic Shopping Disorder

     can cause large amounts of stress.

Trying to save money on all purchases,

     while being forced to leave your cozy address.

Caught in the swirling vortex,

     that is called Black Friday.

Deals so overly impressive,

     you can’t let them get away.

Retailers enjoy this time of year,

     because it’s easier to take your money.

They love when you travel to their store,

     like a hypnotized spending bunny.

They advertise for Black Friday,

     deals that are out of sight.

Then say it’s only available,

     on Thanksgiving night.

You have to decide,

     go for the deal.

Or, stay with your family,

     and enjoy the meal.

They will offer good buys,

     trying to break your will.

Don’t give in to temptation,

     or you’ll be stuck paying the bill.

So much madness,

     fighting for a sale.

The loss of sleep

     makes you weak and pale.

There’s an alternative to holiday shopping,

     that’s nowhere near as hard.

Let your family members get what they want

     by purchasing a universal gift card.

Nelson R. Locher writes rhymes about life in Western New York. Several have been published in The Daily Drunk, The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, and Ariel Chart.

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