Put me in Daily Drunk!

Well I’m a struggling writer
A lover not a fighter
If I’m the same room
You’d never know

I write cool stories and
Got all the best words
If you read my stuff
They’ll surely show

Usually I’m happy
Tho right now I’m feelin’ crappy
And the reason for my funk

Is just can’t make the grade
And I feel I’m gonna fade
If I don’t make the Daily Drunk!

(Daily Drunk)
Gotta sharpen up my humor
Think my brain might have a tumor!
Oh man It’d be so cool
To see my name back in the Daily Drunk!!

Now I got a creepy feelin’
My time’s gone and I’m squealin’
Cuz my chances, they’re not so good

I just wanna be hip
Like an albino crip
Or at least just understood

Now my girl is walkin’ out
Just heard her shout
That my last ditty really stunk

If I don’t get back on track
She ain’t comin’ back
So I really need ya Daily Drunk!!

(Daily Drunk)
I gotta make my move now
Might be sleepn’ with a cow!
Please sir lemme get my props
When my name is in the Daily Drunk!!

George Coufos can be followed on Twitter @Earth_Vessel.

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