Two Poems By Helen Bowie

Enough for you
A The Office Cento
(SEASON 4, EPISODE 4 – MONEY, written and directed by Paul Leiberstein, developed for American television by Greg Daniels, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant)

I shouldn’t be surprised that
he’s identified with her character.

I owe you an apology.
I was mean in anyway to you.

I am not telling you anything.
So, I forgot to tell you…

My cherub figurine?
You took that with you.

I was recently scrubbing my room of
memories, and I didn’t see it there.

Can I count on you? You cannot.
I have a thing tonight.

Hey, what’s so captivating?
Just thought I heard crying.

Thanks, no. I have to work
in the morning, so…

I didn’t go.

Why not?
I just didn’t.

Do you really know?
I don’t know.

I got the answer.

Whatever you call it, I am running
away from my responsibilities.

It feels good.
This is who I am now.

A guy on a train
with no answers.

I hope that can be
enough for you.

The real deal

A Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Cento
(SEASON 3, EPISODE 11 – WHERE THE LOCALS GO, 2006, Guy Fieri, Match/Cut Productions, Page Productions)

Let’s see the magic, baby.
Wait, oh, slow down!

No filler, all thriller.
I’d come back tomorrow for this.

And you… you’re just like, “Wow.”
Let’s talk about… what are we getting into?

I’m just, doing…
And we have this, very tender, delicious.

All your shenanigans
are paying off.

This is like getting a bite
of your favorite steak dinner.

I’m a sucker for…
I’m a sucker for…

We’re gonna let this marinate
and just a little bit – That’s it.

Good things come to those
who wait.

-All right.

If you put anything else on this
besides the meat, I’m walking.

This is it.
You’re a dangerous woman.

We’re so lucky to have this.
The right way, make it the right thing.

I love the way you roll.
This is the real deal.

Helen Bowie is a poet, performer and podcaster based in London, UK. She has a day job at a charity, one cat, and several bafflingly strong opinions about highly trivial matters.

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