Two Poems By Michelle Moloney King

Pour Femme
The edges of her were spotlight music to remember and always running to you
speaking about his raspy voice and
throat-clearing. Stands. Angry.
Frustrated. Looks round, they consider buttery
scrambled eggs on toast, armed with her
trusty wallpaper stripper she gets to work on the
Computer: ELECTRIC BRAIN /They thank me for my service.

A Fool in Love is Sugar Pied
Honey stops at the red door, looks back. It’s telling, isn’t it, that all the propaganda
shows ballerinas switching to fields like “cyber” and never the
reverse. Speaks without thinking. – shit! What’s she said?
Peasant’ farmers in the mountain areas rock can climb too.

Michelle Moloney King is an experimental poet with a Pushcart Nomination and is widely published. She edits Beir Bua Journal. She has an undergrad in computer science – University of Limerick and a post-grad in education – Hibernia College.

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