gabriel and holy spirit share the star penthouse (TM) on top of the tree / sometimes they fuck take a cig

and gossip about their community / I can’t stand these nice suburb’s trust fund pricks cinnamon

barely cooked gingerbreads men (HOE) playing in the tinsels says gabriel / they move oppositely

towards the poor area facing the room’s corner where overcooked sugar men are hanged

among bulb broken lighting chains / these ones are quiet says spiritual ego / they’re

off the narrative says gabriel (LOL) fuck I forgot to text the delivery boys / these

three (UPS) pricks never make it in time for the baby shower says venerated

atmosphere / ungrateful immigrants / I have many people in stump city

showing up a(C)t 18:30 says gab / maw the green pastures by 5 then

(HOE) says sanctified psyche / I’m tired of this yearly ritual – shine

your face on me your contouring’s off says gab / they question

the narrative says divine atman / I know says gab /

they’re destroying (THE) traditions with moons

and lampstand says blest ka / left cheek

now says gab – you think I like making

sure every g(HOE)d given year the

little DJ zus is given onto us

with a radiant face

and white



Valentin Fauque is a French anglophile who’s trying his best. Can currently be seen in Paris fulfilling an academic dream with tired eyes. Previously published in Near Window.

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