Boozy Haikus


oscillations of a burnt out dreamer writer


Daylight already?

A week is too long, to keep

all those promises

Small hours

The idea glows

like a fat moon. So obvious

I go back to sleep

Tuesday breakfast

What was the pretext,

simile? The empty plate

taunts like déjà vu

Tuesday evening

A window (!) for tea

Clarity, wasted – planning

lessons for day job


Writes in bar, drunk on

cliché (offsets rejection)

Word count stays the same


The brain is choking

on empty calories of

marshmallow dreams, hopes

Lunch break

Beautiful bookshop,

infinity mocks me, with

all I will not read

Friday “after work”

Innocent bubbles,

source of my troubles, also

liquid solution


Little jumpers wear

my teeth, little retching holes

Little truths, bite more

Sunday morning

If lyrical verse

was easy like eggs, I’d write

an ode to breakfast

Sunday night

Weekend wasted. The

sum of my words, a humble

hangover haiku

Jean Velasco is a teacher, writer, and translator from Melbourne, Australia, who has lived in Spain since 2011. Her work has appeared in Kill Your Darlings, Going Down Swinging, Overland Journal, and “Growing Up Queer in Australia.” She can be found online @jean_sprout

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