Drunk COVID Poetry


There once was a young chemist from Pfizer
Who invented some nice sanitizer
He traded bottles for dates
He could even be late
And just skip salad and appetizer.

There once was a man from my block
Who hoarded the N95 stock
He sold to a cop
Who gave him a bop
And now he cuddles his boyfriend in Lompoc.

There was a frisky young man from Frisco
Who dated girls he met at a disco
He confused hand sanitizer for gel
Out of bed he then fell
It didn’t help to bring out the Crisco.

Jennifer Shneiderman is a writer living in Los Angeles. Her work has appeared, or is forthcoming, in Indolent Book’s HIV Here and Now, The Rubbertop Review, the Poetry in the Time of COVID-19, Vol 2, anthology, Variant Literature, Bright Flash Literary Review, Wingless Dreamer and Trouvaille Review. Follow her on Twitter @JenniferShneid3.

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