Four Cranky Old Men


Four cranky old men
Having rolls and tea
One choked to death –
Now there’s three

Three cranky old men
Going to the loo
One stumbled and fell in –
Now there’s two

Two cranky old men
Swimming in the sun
One did not protect himself
Now there’s one

One cranky old man
Painted his bike blue
Drove himself right off a cliff –
Aren’t you glad we’re through?

Jerry Robbins is a graduate of Gettysburg College, Yale University Divinity School, and the Hartford Seminary Foundation, where they earned a Ph.D. They are the editor of The Essential Luther (Baker) and the author of Carevision (Judson) and Provocables (C.S.S.). They have published several articles and over 100 book reviews. Since retiring to Florida in 2001, they have turned their attention to novelty writing projects. They also have several articles published in journals, like The Satirist, and Senior Outlook Today.

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