In the Psych Ward There is Nowhere to Masturbate and Other Complaints


In the psych ward there is nowhere to masturbate.

In the psych ward the showers are cold and therefore inhospitable to masturbate in.

In the psych ward someone is watching you at all times, either in fifteen minute vital sign check installments or because their medication makes their eyes glaze over.

In the psych ward they put your phone in an evidence baggie and lock it up so you can’t access lesbian doctor porn.

In the psych ward your roommate wakes up in the night to tell you she likes the shape of your hips but she’s straight.

In the psych ward you’re not allowed to finger the orange you’re eating.

In the psych ward there are group therapy options like addiction or goal setting and none of them are a circle jerk. 

In the psych ward you can’t grind on the plastic blue rocking chair they issue every room.

In the psych ward they watch what you do with your hands.

In the psych ward they really kill your libido. 

L Scully (they/them) is a queer writer and double Capricorn currently based in Madrid. Find them in the ether @LRScully.

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