Mistletoe Magic

The Christmas season brings fun

     to a special girl or boy.

But, there’s another tradition

     for adults to enjoy.

Hanging of the mistletoe

     comes this time of year.

It’s a good way for us

     to spread joyous holiday cheer.

With the mistletoe over your head,

     don’t let the opportunity be missed.

There’s no better time or place

     to grab your partner and be kissed.

The kiss brings good luck

     to last all year long.

Helping to enhance the holiday spirit,

     keeping good feelings growing strong.

How does the magic get released

     from this little piece of holly?

No one seems to care,

     as long as it makes us jolly.

This type of affection

     is great for the soul.

Especially when holiday stress

     sets in and takes a toll.

It’s a small form of expression

     that puts a smile on your face.

A way to keep us happy

      and help make our world a better place.

Why should this joy be limited

     to only one season?

Spreading love and good cheer

     doesn’t need any other reason.

So, hang up that mistletoe

     and never take it down.

You’ll make someone happy

     by turning their luck around.

Nelson R. Locher writes rhymes about life in Western New York. Several have been published in The Daily Drunk, The Buffalo News, WestWard Quarterly, and Ariel Chart.

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