Self-Talk About Setting Mousetraps or Submitting Short Stories


I got this.

The most important things are an enticing set-up and a killer ending.

It’s also a numbers game.

Don’t expect immediate results.

Try freshening up the offerings. Something spicier?

Still nothing happening.

Patience, patience. Nobody likes a pest.

The power disparity is troubling. I have to own that.

So annoying when they just nibble!

Stop fishing for sympathy. People don’t want to hear about how elusive and finicky they can be.

Even if this works once in a while, will it really make a difference?

I wouldn’t say no to a little validation.

Think about placement. Set sights lower?

Maybe get a cat.

Tom Navratil is considering writing a thriller about beer mules smuggling small-batch imperial stouts across state lines. Meanwhile, his stories have appeared in Potomac Review, Splice Today, and Hot Hot Phone. Prior to this whirlwind literary life, he served as a U.S. diplomat in Moscow, Santo Domingo, Skopje, and Tokyo. Connect on Twitter @TomNavratilism.

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