Snapshots from O’Shea’s


Jimmy Joyce to Neruda, Calvino, back to Borges . . .

the pass to Murakami—Score!

The bar is full.

The air is drunk.

A flickering screen

for every wall:

rugby, football,

whatsit ball …

A young man winces

whiskey down.

A woman whispers

to her beer.

Shouting sheep shear

the hours away

while I surf the net looking

for greener pastures.

Frank William Finney was born in Massachusetts. His poems have appeared in Purifying Wind Anthology, (USA), The Best of Vine Leaves Literary Journal (Australia), Universal Oneness (India) and elsewhere. He has work forthcoming in Red Flag Poetry and Constellations. He currently lives in Bangkok and has recently retired from Thammasat University (Thailand) after 25 years of teaching literature there.

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