I was ten
Watching MTV
In the Buzz Bin
Stone Temple Pilots

Singer rolled his eyes
Made the ‘Jeremy’ face
And I asked myself
Is this what adults are like

Purse their lips and chant
Yeah naw yeah naw
On the way
To collecting
Huge royalty checks

Over the years
Those affirmations
I heard
From a thousand radios

Early December
I was thirty-three
Woke in a chair
At the hospital

Wife on a saline drip

And I read
Scott Weiland’s dead

Cocaine, Subutex

I asked the doctor
What ‘ectopic’ meant
And I realized
What adults are like

Max Thrax lives in Boston, MA. His stories and poetry have appeared in Shotgun Honey, Versification, Bristol Noir, and Punk Noir. Find him online at http://www.maxthrax.com and on Twitter @ThraxMaximilian.

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