Two Poems By Krystal A. Smith


Thank You Very Much!

Mr. Robot—
Oh, don’t be shy
with your shiny out
puts and blink-a-ma-bobs.

You are most certainly
a kindred spirit — err, gadget.
I understand you so!
You make coffee
and I drink it. I’m so
excited by your whirring and hissing
and blub-blubbing!
You are quite frankly
the best part of
machine kind.

Baby Hands

I woke up with tiny baby hands.
What is this?
They’re so small, compact.
What am I gonna do
with these?

I’ll never again
be able
satisfy a woman.

Not with these
cornichon stubs.

I look at them
turn them over,
and back,
try to un-ball them,
but they are set.
Baby hands!

I guess
I could hold things
and make them look ginormous.
I could write tiny
thank-you cards.

I could… I could just–
Bloop, Bloop, Bloop,
take out someone’s eye.
They wouldn’t see
it comin’.
Rock’em sock’em
right in the neck.

What are they gonna do?
Are they gonna hit
who has
baby hands?

I don’t

Krystal A. Smith is a Black lesbian writer of poetry and speculative fiction. Her stories have appeared in Lez Talk: A Collection of Black Lesbian Fiction (2016). Her debut collection Two Moons: Stories was released from BLF Press (2018) and was a 2019 Lambda Literary Award Finalist. Follow her on Twitter @authorkasmith.

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