Why Do I Love Thee?

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thy smile, kiss, touch, and thine eyes
Though at times it seems you’re not very wise
Because that seventh beer put thee in a haze.

I love thee when everything is all right,
Though your snoring often wakes me
But it is because I really, truly love thee
I take a Benadryl and avoid a fight.

I love thee with the love you have for beer
And provide breath mints with great compassion
Thee knowest I love thee with an intense passion
That we simply can’t talk about here.

I love thee to the moon and the stars
And have ever since our early youth
But I think we both well know the truth
It would be better, dear, if you’d avoid the bars.

I truly love thee, as we two grow old
Thy presence is as treasured as thy touch
And always I thank the Lord so very much
That, my love, thee was granted parole.

Elaine Fields Smith is an author, poet, singer, line dancer, and all around good gal living in Central Texas. She has self published nine of her own books along with several for other people under her imprint, Blazing Star Books. Elaine loves gardening, books, and her friends. Follow her on Twitter @Ridinaround. Her website is http://www.blazingstarbooks.com.

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