World War 3 Is Happening & I’m Still Trying To Be A Screenwriter


I’m a 38 year old aspiring screenwriter still pursuing my dream, even with World War 3 ripping through our United States. Most to all of the people living in the attic with me agree I should throw in the towel and begin to help the group by focusing on ways to escape the city. But they just don’t understand the years of dedication and the unrelenting grind it takes to make it in this biz. Granted, all film production has practically stopped, martial law is in effect, and the bombs squealing through the skyline are quite the nuisance when trying to write, but if Anne Frank can manage to get a sick book deal, why can’t I write the next Citizen Kane?

Rationing food has been a hot topic amongst us in the attic lately, as well a central theme in my upcoming script. Initially, I was hesitant on incorporating it into the story, but after further thought and a long conversation over Morse code with my beta reader, I feel it really gives it the extra push needed to drive the story home for the audience.

Aside from making sure the rats don’t eat my Gam Gam while she sleeps, all I do is write. I always say to myself: This is going to make a great come-up story in the 7-part documentary series they make about me in a couple years once I’ve hit it big. I just hope I speak the right language when it comes time to accept my Oscar for ‘Best original screenplay’. Although, it worked out perfectly fine for Bong Joon-ho a few years back, his interpreter slayed. I’m sure it’ll be exactly like that.

To be perfectly honest, I will let nothing get in the way of becoming a professional screenwriter, not even the nerve gas raining down from the sky because I am so close to breaking into the industry, I can feel it with my 12th script. As well, enclosed you can find my 250 page sensual sci-fi thriller about teenage angst. Please, let me know what you think.

Zane Harter is a writer/comedian. You can follow them on Twitter @ZaneHarter.

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