Fat Daddy

There once was a father
who simply had no bother
or care for his children or
mistress, simply put – he
was a undesirable man
with no beliefs or convictions

Rather than call him by his
name, which would cause
much shame – all referred to
this man as

Fat Daddy

who was a star caddy
on the golf course for
many popular golfers
who would rather not
come forth in support

Fat Daddy

raised to despise
hippies, filthy and
free with their drugs
and colorful tees

Fat Daddy

once had a crush on
a hippie, deep down
inside but refused to
confine this confession

Fat Daddy

thought of himself as a
miracle, a blessing

to be frank though
he was quite unpleasant

take a seat and
sit close for tales
about the legend of

Fat Daddy

and how his story became prose

This piece was inspired by a phrase from a “Sister_nose_best” TikTok video and coined by @ScorpioPoetry. You can find Zach hyping YOU hype on Twitter at @YuhiWatson.

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