“I have a story” said a Bard

As he strummed his Lute 

A tale of a lovely Maiden

Waiting for her Knight 

To present her with a Rose

Cut swiftly by his Sword 

Such a sharp Sword 

Could easily kill a Bard

But slicing a Rose

Who’s sweetness outweighs the sound of any Lute 

Was what that gallant Knight 

Sought for his fair Maiden

He searched for the Maiden

As if guided by his Sword 

But the only thing did he find, that Knight 

Was a solitary Bard

Strumming his Lute 

And wearing nothing but a Rose

He seemed to think he would be covered by the Rose

But he was as nude as our knight wanted to see his Maiden

Shocked by the sight, he dropped his Lute 

Blinded by the Sword 

“Is it the rose you need, sir?” Asked the Bard

“Unfortunately yes.” Said the Knight 

Mortified, was our Knight 

His face was as red as the Rose

He tried not to think of the naked Bard

As he searched for his Maiden

Guided by his Sword 

And playing his newfound Lute

A song of love, he played on his Lute 

Truly worthy of a Knight 

A song of how he used his Sword 

To cut the finest Rose

Only for his Maiden

As he sang like that Bard

He played his Lute and gave the Rose

The Knight did to his Maiden

With no mention of what kind of Sword he had seen on that Bard

Elena is a 19 year old girl who writes as a hobby, and dreams of someday becoming a voice actress. She draws inspiration from the world around her, and often finds herself writing things that randomly pop into her head.

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