Paddington Poems

“Everybody knows,
I was wearing really cool hats,
Long before Pharrell.”


with a bright red hat
and a blue coat, Paddington
spreads cheer all around


A bear in a hat and a duffle coat
From Peru, came on a boat
Paddington, cub, cuddle, lemon curd, apologies: marmalade!


After a long day
Paddington waits up for me
He wants to cuddle


stayed ready under the weather
and meditative strolls with bends along rivers
rain water puddles without splashes


Paddington parties
Drinks beer out of his red hat
Marmalade upgrade


The most polite bear so friendly he loves marmalade


Paddington “Gets It”,
The Struggle, more than any
working bear today


Paddington is the
First movie my daughter will
Watch, and it’s perfect


Well he looks cute now
See him after three bourbon
He becomes a griz.


Marmalade Sandwich
All the way from dark Peru
Please look after him


A jaunty red hat
Shelter for marmalade joy
Gentle mannered bear


Paddington the Bear
He’s cute and he has cute hair
I want to steal one


Bear in blue slicker
From the mountains of Peru
A well-loved Shaman


Lost in train station
Peruvian marmalade
Loving Paddington


This tiny bear—wow.
I love him so fucking much.
Boop his nose for me.


I may be sticky, but the mess is only proof, of my hearts sweetness


My Paddington doll
Has lived,, for forty plus years,
On this shelf, smiling.


Lost bear sad sandwiched
Darkest London rail station
Joy is together


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