Jew on Christmas

I get everything on my wish list

As a Jew on Christmas 

Chinese food for dinner

Now that’s a real winner

As a Jew on Christmas 

No line at Starbucks 

Just look at my luck(s)

As a Jew on Christmas 

Candy canes on sale 

That’s a nice detail

As a Jew on Christmas 

But there is a price 

That isn’t so nice

When you’re a Jew on Christmas:

When someone wishes you a merry day

It would be rude to say 

Well, no thank you because I’m a Jew on Christmas day.

Isabel Brodsky is a 2020 graduate who studied Playwriting and Anthropology at Brown. She has writing in The Rib of Brown, Lady Pieces, and Jane Austen’s Wastebasket. This year, she’s had a few plays produced over Zoom and continues to create comedic writing about her ibs and other physical/spiritual ailments. Twitter: @itsuhhbell

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