The Dude Poems

I bowl. Drive around.
Let’s all just take it easy:
There’s a beverage here.

My rug was stolen
Look, nothing is fucked here, man
The Dude still abides


El Duderino
He was just bowling until
Wong pissed on his rug

White Russians again
I like your style there, Dude
Is this your homework?

Goddamn it Donnie
They killed his fucking car, man
She kidnapped herself


Sweet prince. Good surfer,
bowler in a Folgers tin.
His dust up your nose.


Time’s Man of the Year doing
A J to increase
The chances of conception


Don’t you dare pee on
The rug the fucking fucking
Rug – let’s we forget


They peed on his rug
One that tied it together
Better smoke a ‘J’


Playing with guns and
rugs and bowling, sometimes the
ash gets in your face


Listening to whales
while lying on a rug
-The Dude


White Russians, not black
And a pissed on floral rug
Take ‘er easy Dude.


white russian mustache
bowls a strike against Jesús
don’t pee on the rug


Am I employed, sir?
I keep myself occupied.
I wrote this – fuck it.


The sweater he wears
is from Pendleton in OR
But made in China


room tied together
where’s the money, Lebowski?
these men? Nihilists.

CCR tapes but
I hate the fuckin’ Eagles
take ‘er easy, Dude.

I don’t have your cash
I even checked the shitter
give me back my rug.

If you’re not into
the whole brevity thing, call
me Duderino


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