Lynch Mob – Reviews of Scandinavian Booze: Gotlands Bryggeri Sleepy Bulldog Winter Ale


It is cold, dark, and snowy outside, which means that it is time to combine slumbering canines with alcohol.

In other words, let’s have a Swedish beer.

I’ve been thinking a lot about human sacrifice lately.

This beer is the Sleepy Bulldog Winter Ale brewed by Gotlands Bryggeri from the island of Gotland. This is the same island that inspired our last beer, which was both campy and monstrous as well as tasty and heart-warming.

The label looks nice. The bulldog mascot reminds me of childhood and better times. I wonder if he has only three legs or perhaps a complete set of four.

Where is my bottle opener?

Where is my bottle opener?

I love The Wicker Man (the original; not the remake).

Where is my bottle opener?


Okay, I found it.


This has a dark brown red hue, like dried blood splattered on the varnished bark of an ancient wooden pagan idol.

Mmm. Spiced and fruity.

And 6.2% ABV, just as I like it.

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