2021 Rolling in Cloudy but Warm in the East

No worries. 

Odie is scared of the waves. 

Truth is, I am too 

Global warming. 

I love that dude. 

Soft and wild. 


Not all that much life to live. 

I give him whatever he wants. 

Every moment. 

Every day. 

Have you loved a dog? 

Have you loved another person? 

I don’t really know what I’ve done. 

I can just recognize the carnage I left behind. 

I loved all y’all girls. 

I really did. 

Back then 

Back when. 

We had something pure under the stars. 

But the world’s movin’. 

And I surely won’t be here for long. 

I did what I could and 

I gave what I had. 

I’ve found another now and she might stay with me for a good spell. 

When it comes down to it, 

I’m just gon pet that boy.

Odie the dog. 

I’m gon pet him and pet him. 

Happy to be here.


Wilson Koewing is a feeble man, terrified almost daily of even going outside. His work has recently been rejected more times than his abacus can keep up with. He has appeared in The Daily Drunk on several occasions and has been rejected by the Three Penny Review over a hundred times. His favorite movie is Jaws. 

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