Soft in the Paint: NBA Drip Power Rankings Week 2

Welcome to another edition of Soft in the Paint’s NBA Drip Power Rankings! Be sure to check this space often for fresh rankings of the league’s premier pregame fits.

Today’s rankings are based upon the slate of NBA games played from Dec. 24th – Dec. 31st:

  1. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander – SGA is going to be a fixture on these here rankings. I’m talking about a crystal chandelier-like fixture because the third year guard truly radiates off the court. Just look at that jacket! On the court Shai is holding down a crazy impressive traditional stat line of 23pts/7ast/5rebs.   
  2. Dennis Shröeder – Dennis the Menace got me humming Richard Berry’s “Louie Louie” with his Louis Vuitton tracksuit. LeBron’s new running mate completed the look with a fuzzy puff ball beanie and matching Lakers gaiter mask.   
  3. Gary Harris – Count me in as a fan of this Daffy Duck fit. Harris looked like he was about to make a carny cry by sinking 20 consecutive shots at the bent rim basketball joint.
  4. Russell Westbrook – Russ is one of two players to appear in both of our rankings thus far. Sporting a cardigan will always win you points on these rankings, but when you compliment said cardigan with that classic knit beanie, you can consider me ensnared!

5. Karl-Anthony Towns – The Timberwolves star slayed Staples Center with his mystical wolf hoodie. When I wore t-shirts like this in grade school I got my ass kicked. Thank you for normalizing this look KAT, I am forever grateful!

6. Tristan Thompson – This Kardashian adjacent hooper looked crazy icey with his polar blue puffy jacket and matching sneakers. Thompson’s play has been pretty cool too, nearly averaging a double double with his new team the Boston Celtics.

7. Wesley Iwundu – While Wes hasn’t seen many minutes for his new team the Dallas Mavericks, he’s more than holding his own in the fit game. Those Grimace-hued pants are special. I asked my wife if she thought I could pull off wearing those pants. Her response? A hard and fast “No.”

8. Dwight Powell – DP dressed for success! Pretty sure he didn’t buy this suit at Men’s Warehouse. Between Powell’s behind-the-scenes work on the creation of the NBA Bubble and this sharp look, the Stanford alum appears primed for holding some sort of political office down the road after his playing career concludes.

9. Jayson Tatum – Taco Jay back at it again with another appearance on the drip rankings. I think it’s the placement of the hat on top of the hood of the salmon colored hoodie that does it for me. Bonus points for the Louis Vuitton fanny pack!

10. Giannis Antetokounmpo – The $228 Million Dollar Man looked it with this plaid trench cut suit jacket. Count me amongst those that are happy to see Giannis sign that mega-deal and stay with the Bucks. The Greek Freak traveled a crazy path to the NBA and its stories like his that make the league special.

See you next week my fellow NBA fashion geeks!

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