Ice And Balance

These pavements are bloody lethal,
it’s like trying to walk on frosted glass.
Out of all of the different people,
it’s always me who ends up on my ass.

Of course, I know what you’re thinking,
“I remember the last of his poems I read,
surely he must have been drinking.”
But no I was as sober as you can get.

I’ve got a kind of problem with balance,
I learned to ride a bike really late.
I’ve never had a driving licence,
I’m sure that it all relates.

I’m not looking for anything like pity,
but my balance isn’t always within my
If you see my sliding through the city
on my arse at 100 miles per hour.

Ian Lewis Copestick is a 48 year old writer from Stoke on Trent EnglandHe’s had over 300 poems and stories published in over 20 e-zines.His debut collection of poetry ” The Detritus Of The Drunken Night ” was published in 2019 by Cajun Mutt Press.In 2020 he was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

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