Babes in the Woods

-after Over the Garden Wall and “Kick” by emilie kneifel

wirt falls asleep cold against the dirt, so of course i fall with him.

it’s only dark for a second. then, woosh! clouds fluff up behind my

eyes, beaming out gray sunshine. you’re here! you’re here! you’re

finally here! please sing for us! they cheer and hurricane me a top

hat of candy floss. we wrangle cherubs for the band and march a

cloud parade, wiggling westward toward the sun. if i squint my eyes

just tight enough, it’s close enough to touch. i stretch my fingers

w i d e  w i d e  w i d e when a mirror opens near my feet. i blink to

catch myself asleep; drool pools against a tree. wirt shivers there

beside me. it’s sad that he can’t be here warm. but here, for now,

wherever my toes brush ground, i float.

Fox Auslander is a non-binary poet based in Southwest Philadelphia. They are a poetry reader for The Chestnut Review and Alien Magazine, a temporary shut-in, and probably happy. Their recent work can be found in The Pennsylvania GazetteMineral Literary Magazine, and Q/A Poetry. Follow them on Twitter @circumgender.

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