Spitting Mad Spivey

No, not Spidey, silly you! Drexl Spivey from True Romance. You know that mad ride of a movie that Tarantino wrote before he directed Reservoir Dogs. It features a stellar cast of brilliant nutcases, but it had to be Spivey. Why? Because I’ve seen Walken go full bedlam in other flicks and Hopper plays it rather on the line in this one and Brad Pitt… well… he doesn’t go nuts, he mostly sleeps.

But Spivey, aka Gary Oldman, that’s more bananas that in Chiquita’s annual report.

The role is short and not sweet. Drexl Spivey is six minutes of distilled menace exploding in vertiginous mayhem. From eggrolls to smashed aquariums. Dreadlocks, one eye dead so the other can shine more malevolent, teeth encased in metal that practically beg for slugs to smash them, and a voice that you’d love to borrow to make telemarketers choke on their scripts.

Take a peek on YouTube. Gary Oldman in True Romance (1993, directed by Tony Scott)

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