The author watches man defy you stars (or; Shakespeare watches Leo lose his shit)

Thou know not name for synth or gun; not yet –
Hawaiian passed you by; the New World old,

Inflection nigh impossible to get.
The words of lionheart – ‘Of finer mould

This Romeo should be!’ And yet you hail
This author’s vision lowly in his field?

You think an actor off the fucking rail –
Bound bullet-hole, red-raw – should simply yield?

No sigh or plaintive yawn – unbridled rage
In flowered shirt lets word jump off the page.

Katie Knight (@codaevermore) is a Classics grad and librarian working in the UK. She spent her first lockdown discovering the Death Note Musical. She’s spending her second lockdown trying to catch up on 5 years of One Piece (before its 1000th chapter).

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