You lose. I said good day.

Gene Wilder was fucking wild
He screamed in the face of a little boy
He wasn’t mad at Charlie, just disappointed to the point of despair
It is Waiting for Superman
The factory was too heavy for him to lift
It was a dream he had that succeeded
He got his wish
We never talk about what happens when you get everything you want…
You live happily ever after.
That is what Willy tells Charlie as he foists the weight of an entire biodome/manufacturing facility upon him.
When did it all become too much for Willy?
When did he say…I can’t do it anymore.
I need someone else to lift the yoke.
It isn’t clear, but what is clear
He couldn’t take it, just couldn’t take it another minute.
What if Charlie didn’t redeem himself with a good deed?
What if Charlie let us all down?
Mr Wonka turned purple. A vein across the upmost corner of an eye.
Because he wasted a contest? Because he lost a day?
He fucking snapped, not because kids suck. He knew that.
He lost his shit because of the thought he’d have to go to work again tomorrow.
I have that same vein, the turbid flow thumping when I think I have to go to work again and again forever.
Willy needed Charlie more than Charlie needed Willy. Willy knew that.
The anguish of “I said Good Day” was the true story of what happens when we really get everything we’ve ever wanted.

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