Re: You Have a New Match!

Thank you for swiping right on my picture. I’m glad you discovered me. It’s an honor to be considered as a person to call your boo. I appreciate your interest and am grateful for the opportunity to date you.

I had a wonderful time looking at your profile. The photo of you in that red dress was a standout in the set. I regret to say I am going to have to pass. I want you to know it was an extremely difficult decision to choose one woman out of so many on this app. As you can imagine, I receive a large number of advances and often have to turn away amazing options. Unfortunately, you’re not quite right for me at this time. There is a lot to admire about you, though. Your hair is the perfect length. I imagine the tone of your voice would ring musically in my ears and the scent of your perfume would appeal to my senses. I have no doubt you will find someone to commit to you elsewhere.

Thank you for understanding. I hope this won’t discourage you from reaching back out to me. I do hope to hear from you again. I’d love to see more of you. Sorry for the delay in response. My phone broke and I just got a new one. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and add me on Snapchat.

Best of luck,

Your Dream Lover

Valerie Frost is a Garden State native. She lives in Central Kentucky with her twin three-year-olds. Her poems have appeared in the Eastern Iowa Review, Anti-Heroin Chic, Thimble Literary Magazine, and elsewhere.  

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