What I Love…

(with thanks to Edwin Morgan)

What I love about chips is the salt

What I hate about cats is the boredom

What I love about cats is their honesty 

What I hate about England is its ego

What I love about Liverpool is its chirp

What I hate about margarine is its gleam

What I love about Thursdays is Friday

What I hate about Mondays is Monday

What I love about you is your muscly arms

What I hate about him is his ham face

What I love about love is its warm skin

            that accepts my cold feet.

Charlotte Oliver lives by the sea in Scarborough, England. She was the commissioned poet for BBC Radio York’s Make a Difference campaign and has poems published in SpeltDream CatcherPendemic, Ice Floe Press, Cold Moon Journal, Poetry and Covid, Neuro Logical, One Hand Clapping, Poetry Pea Journal and Not4UCollective.

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