Steve Brule Face

It’s hard to not disrupt the homeschooling

With thoughts on John C. Reilly and Liam Neeson

It’s hard not to pull a Steve Brule face

Pondering the 15 years of action and comedy

I’m willing to bet that on the set

Of the Gangs of New York

They placed a bet on

Who could upend their career in the wildest way

Perennial Oscar bait cast aside

For Euro directors and Adam McKay

They keep on going in search of a winner

A non-stop cold pursuit into carnage

Guess we’ll know it’s over

When they crop up together

In a gross display for PTA

Scott Cumming enjoys reading too much to consider himself a proper writer. He resides in Aberdeen with his partner and two sons. Catch up with all his misdemeanours on Twitter @tummidge

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