Message Left for Dr. Maguire on his Bunker Hill Community College Answering Service

[My Poetic Good Will Hunting sequel]

More than just about

the girl, I forgoed

the sheetrock, I put down

my can of Boston Lager,

I ignored the chalkboard

numbers and without

a map I took the drive out

West to reach Sklyar.

I realized listening to

the freakin XO tape stuck

in my tape deck playing

“Miss Misery” over

and over, so much that by

the hundredth fuckin’ time,

even Elliott Smith convinced

me with his three-chord song

poetry that she is my sea, so

open— beautifully wet

daydreaming thirsty

with every mile imagining

Skylar inviting me to swim,

realizing that I was the one

freaked out of making

the leap and jumping in

to join her by the beach—

who would have thunk it?

Not you Sean, all of times

during our court appointed

sessions, would you have

pictured me sitting by

the ocean, tan as a Warriors

fan in the Golden freakin State.

Still, Stanford’s no Boston

but when I dived in with her

next to me in the water, Sean,

I just wanted to keep floating

like the painting, I now love

recall hanging in your office.

Some days here by the San

Andres, realizing it’s not

my fault, while discovering

so many new colors in sunsets

as I butterfly swim towards

the tide, that keeps me splashing

so many possibilities, those

sheetrock daze seems so far

away from me, now I am

no longer shivering about

drowning, I don’t even

miss misery, her bruises,

fisticuffs, the scars from

those nights— now I awake

with Skylar by the ocean sun

rise. And Sean, I am now

the one who can’t wait to dive

back in and taste all the salt in

these tides. It makes me long

for a beach breakfast of Corona

with lime. Hearing her accent

giggling that used to annoy me

now I savor, every time I look

over at those far away eyes

now such closer hidden by those

oversized Liz Taylor sun

glasses, the glow of the

morning sun always reminds

me how I love her like

these waves, and each day

I am hoping they never

fuckin subside. 

Adrian Ernesto Cepeda is the author of Flashes & Verses… Becoming Attractions from Unsolicited Press, Between the Spine published with Picture Show Press and La Belle Ajar, inspired by Sylvia Plath’s 1963 novel, will be published by CLASH Books in 2020. You can connect with Adrian on his website:

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