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This is so weird, everyone! I wore a mask at Costco today. In fact, everyone else was wearing a mask and keeping a safe distance. Here’s the weird part: It was okay. Really. I didn’t feel like a sheeple living in terror. I didn’t die from breathing my own carbon dioxide, and I didn’t feel like I was the victim of tyrannical mind-control. It was almost as if wearing a mask is actually just a way to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Weird, huh? And now I have enough cereal, peanut butter, and chewing gum to last until doomsday.

John Sheirer is a writer and teacher who lives in Northampton, Massachusetts. His most recent book is a collection of newspaper columns from 2016-2020 called “Positively Toward the Negative: Surviving the Trump-Led Attach on American Values and Basic Human Decency.” Find him at JohhnSheirer.com and @RealAmericanLib.

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