auto pilot

I will eat some eggs
and drink some coffee

I might have a bath
obviously I’ll get dressed
and unless I die or get abducted
I’ll have a day very much like today

interspersed by the love of my cat
who likes to sit on my lap and purr

it might snow
I might feel good for a minute
about something
but I can’t think now
what that might be

maybe a song will pop into my head
and I’ll hum to myself
or maybe not

tonight I will sit here
whilst I finish this beer
and this poem
and maybe another

Simon Alderwick is from London and currently lives in Wales. He loves horror movies and metal music. His poetry has recently or will soon appear in Green Ink, Burnt Breakfast, Dwelling, Coven and Dead Fern Press, among others. He’s on Twitter @SimonAlderwick

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