Lisa Simpson’s Telemed Session

Dr. Wright:

Lisa, first of all
I just want you to
speak freely, and
tell me about yourself
and your family,



I’m really not depressed,
But just maybe a little, well,
With being stuck inside
for almost a year now.

So I read in the
New York Times
that it would be
important to
see and speak
with a specialist.

(Even though it’s by
Telemed in my room)

Sometimes I wonder,
How could I possibly be
from this family?
Was I secretly adopted?

I love books
And jazz
And the Washington Post;
And fret a lot about
climate change
and income inequality.

My father doesn’t read.
He drinks beer all the time.

(Probably too much)

His favorite foods are
donuts and cheeseburgers
with a fried egg
on top.

I know he loves me,
but I’ve accepted
that he will never
understand me;

Or the world
I live in.

And my brother!
Always in trouble!
-the mischief-maker;
Clever though I know he is,
And probably more creative than I,

(Which makes me crazy!)

I fear he will never use his
hidden gifts to benefit society.

But I know he will
always be more popular
and surrounded by
more “fans” than
I’ll ever have.

(At least I have John Coltrane and Emily Dickinson as my friends)

My baby sister, well,
she’s the observer.
Sucking on her
paci contentedly,
as she watches
our lives unfold
like a tv sitcom.

What does she think
of the show
she sees?

I don’t know.
She’s never
or cried.

(That I know of)

And my steadfast mom
of chaos-control.
though weary.
Her blue hair
perfectly balanced
atop her head –
Unconditional love for all.
The family’s super-glue.

(Sometimes, I feel sorry for her.)

Maybe I escape
in books,
and music.
These artists,
They understand me.

Does that make sense?

On the whole,
we care about
and love each other,

Oh! By eternally,
I mean literally.
We never age!

(Has no one
noticed this
but me?)

And so
Every night
Side by side
We sit
On our

And stare
At the tv,
As the flickering
Blue glow of it
On our sallow
Yellow faces;

And, together,

(I hope that was OK)

Is that OK, Dr. Wright?

Dr. Wright:

“Yes, Lisa.
You did very well.
Thank you.”

Holding a BFA from the University of Texas, Lisa Molina has taught high school English and theatre, and served as Associate Publisher of Austin Family Magazine. Her poetry can be found in Trouvaille Review, Beyond Words Magazine, Ancient Paths, Indolent Books-Poems in the Afterglow, and The Ekphrastic Review, She lives in Austin, Texas.

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