3 Poems By Caliche Fields

«for when you make a mess you didn’t mean to!»

a family of twins is hard to compute,

so hard to escape; lullabies to soothe

when tears exploded as play swords dispute!

or, coping with dark liquor downed smooth.

but, full houses aren’t complete without puppies,

nor grief aged ten thru domestic terrorism

as minds stoned with theoretical studies

and artistic choices left to feminism.

kill joys, distractions, and 4th walls demolished,

yet suburbs or cities who’s in control?

do lives recast, molded, and then polished 

restrain themselves to words, rewritten roles?

behold history’s twins catered by nurses

as death’s power is defied by these verses!

«the snack for survivors!»

death has no power, defied, and thus versus

a red riding hood’s thinning of the veil;

yet, the passing of seasons weakens curses

and lures to recall the scarlet once hailed –

hydration of vampires, undead decay,

the tearing of essence ghastly detailed

thru envisioning forced expulsion astray.

desperation: shangri-la found, exhale…

and dwell deep in augmented disarray.

“be good,” a relatively strange remark

to those beloveds enamored and dismaid

but what are offerings to skeletal sharks?

lamented inventions have disembarked

and all left me betrayed within the dark!

«…because the world doesn’t revolve around you. or, does it?»

here i lie betrayed in sinister darkness;

weighted blankets grounding me w depression

tho lovingly spared thru heralding harkness;

familiars advising at their discretion

and familial protections posted in yellow,

in scarlets and purples–remix of magics,

a nexus hindered by witches’ longfellow

and the narrative produced betwixts tragic.

disastrous complexions, alabaster noise,

pixelated channels into dismal depths

all lag hexagonal rings ensnaring boys

yet, anomalies of photons dismaid breadth.

mandalas! and webs! and multiversed spells!

oh, my–! what influence restrains this hell?

@calichefields lives upon the prehistoric ruins of the permian basin; an ma candidate specializing in the poetry of sor juana inés de la cruz. they’re rooted in interdisciplinary natures and their work dwells within the kitchen, its sciences and philosophies.

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