Once again, I have checked and –  

There is not a problem with this drive. 

My Team mates are not trying to reach me. 

My Daily Briefing contains nothing I haven’t read and dismissed already. 

The Outlook red dot fails to reveal anything new of interest. 

And there is not a problem with this drive

Or mine, for that matter. 

It’s just that your notifications to nowhere are driving me nuts.  

Mike Hickman (@MikeHicWriter) is a writer from York, England. He has written for Off the Rock Productions (stage and audio), including 2018’s “Not So Funny Now” about Groucho Marx and Erin Fleming. He has recently been published in EllipsisZine, Dwelling Literary, Bandit Fiction, Nymphs, Flash Fiction Magazine, Brown Bag, and Safe and Sound Press. His co-written, completed six-part BBC radio sit com remains frustratingly as unproduced as it was the last time he updated this biography.

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