LCD are Sitting Next to Us at the After-Party

LCD are sitting next to us at the after-party
How many furtive glances and admiring stares before we say hi?

Coming across all nonchalant while fangirl fainting inside
It’s the bassist’s birthday and he just wants to get high

Happy birthday, sorry you can’t get off your head
Enjoy this vodka and coke on us instead

We were the muso stoner indie kids
Not the ones sniffing coke off toilet lids

His situation normally fucked up
Aberdeen not a patch on that NY scene

Too easy to forget how special these nights were
Just hope you find many more wherever you are

Scott Cumming never considered himself to be a writer until recently, but turns out he has some stuff to say. He has been published at The Daily Drunk, Punk Noir Magazine, Bristol Noir, Fevers of the Mind, Versification and Shotgun Honey (upcoming). Catch up with all his misdemeanours on Twitter @tummidge

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