Fleur Deserved Better!

I really think Fleur Delacour deserved better. We first meet Fleur in the fourth book of the Harry Potter series Goblet of Fire, and she is one of the females from a co-ed school (which for some reason they made a girl’s only school in the movies) in France called Beauxbatons.

What bothers me is she’s said that she might look like a princess, but she’s stronger than that. I was expecting to see some more fight especially since she’s the only female Triwizard champion, but she lost every single task.

I don’t know why being a delicate and feminine character is demonized so much in these books. Had Fleur not been conventionally attractive and bookish like Hermione, I bet she would have dominated in every task; maybe only losing to Harry. Women can be both delicate and feminine while also being strong and powerful. It’s not like a multiple choice test where you can only choose one answer.

It just seemed really misogynistic to me.

You think that being a part-veela would’ve given her some sort of edge even if it was only in one of the tasks. Then again these magical creatures are introduced as beautiful, alluring weird seductive women that turn into cruel bird people when they’re angry.

I liked that her “treasure” in the lake task was her sister because it gave her a depth that both Krum and Cedric lacked.

I also don’t understand the hate she’s given from Molly and Ginny Weasley. They both seemed to hate her from the start. Why? Because she’s pretty? Because she’s part-veela? Because she’s feminine and embraces this side of herself? It’s just weird that all the female characters hate her whilst all the male characters think she’s a decent person.

I just feel like she’s a wasted opportunity. We could’ve learned about a unique set of magical creatures, where their powers derived from, if they were really as bad as the stereotypes and lore made them out to be. We could’ve seen a girl be both feminine and strong. We could’ve learned more about Fleur and her family which aren’t really talked about outside the fourth book. Like wouldn’t they have at least written her? I know the book is written about Harry and his perspective, and he might have limited knowledge of her family – but I don’t recall her own family being at her wedding. You’d think they’d make arrangements to be there for this important ceremony in Fleur’s life, but all we hear about is Ron’s family and the Lovegood’s.

Fleur deserved better!

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