Cooking Shows That I’d Watch

As a lifelong foodie and dessertie(is that term a thing?) I have so many pitches for food Reality TV shows that no one is asking for. Below are a few for you to chew on:

The Lamest Parent Chef

Isn’t it so funny parents think they can cook? Real-life children nominate their parents to cook stuff on live T.V. and we get to laugh at them while pitying the poor kids for having to eat fish that’s weirdly purple or frozen fish sticks super burned. Many parents compete, but only one parent can be lame enough to win a Costco-sized supply of Tostitos and a home chef for a year so their child can be spared.

Bougie AF

In this reality show, we get edgy street chefs to have to cook very “high art” food like tiramisu or flambee or chicken paillard. Then we laugh because the street chefs are only equipped to make \hip burgers and nothing else.

Cooking for the Really Untalented

In this show, a hot host goes through every step of a recipe really slowly so the wildly untalented home cooks among us can easily follow along. The show goes on for hours and is wildly boring but also good for you!

So You Think You Can Eat Pie?

Different celebs eat pie and we watch. There isn’t much plot. The show title asks a question and the answer is usually “yes” but some celebrities eat weird and that’s kinda funny or also lightly erotic.

Cake Me Now

Men eat cakes slowly and women choose the hottest guy to go home and find out what else they’re willing to devour.

Catherine Weingarten is a playwright and humor writer based in NYC. She’s a bit too obsessed with wedding cake. Twitter: @sarahkaneissexy

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