Late Night TV

~After Jen Levitt

In this episode, a celebrity comes to perform.

She’s on mickeys, definitely

suicidal but has a perfectly sculpted body.

I’m not sure whether to pity, envy or be her.

I know that body is a non-starter. I’d need 

breast implants, Botox & bleached hair. 

In the rerun of this episode, I’m the host.

I’ve invited the celebrity to sit on the couch

to chat about all the serious stuff like sex

& drugs & her crap childhood 

& girl you gotta spill on those men.

Thank god for a commercial break.

& when we return, someone’s wheeled a bed

onstage & Martha Stewart is demonstrating

hospital corners. So Marilyn & I tuck

ourselves into the perfectly made bed

then kill the klieg lights. 

Heidi Seaborn is author of 2020 PANK Book Award winner An Insomniac’s Slumber Party with Marilyn Monroe, the acclaimed debut Give a Girl Chaos and Comstock Chapbook 2020 prize winning Bite Marks. Recent work in American Poetry Journal, Beloit, Copper NickelCortland ReviewMissouri Review and The Slowdown. Heidi is Executive Editor of The Adroit Journal. T: @heidiseaborn1 W:

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