Fluorescent Duct Tape, Assorted Colors.

Calling this duct tape is just untrue. The whole purpose of duct tape is to hold firm, to be reliable, and never to let go. This product is not able to live up to that task and neither was my late husband. I expected to receive quality product. The irony is not lost on me – when I was getting married to the cheating bastard, I also expected quality. Alas! I never got that—what I found in the package was flimsy plastic tape, coming apart from the slightest movement of the wrists. He also managed to chew through it. To add insult to injury, there was not much tape on the rolls. I had to apply three layers of five different colors to get the job done and, nevertheless, it still managed to fray at the edges. As a result, my husband’s body looked like a mangled Christmas tree with cheap plastic decorations when I rolled him out of my car’s trunk and off the cliff near the seaside overpass. Not a dignified way to go. This stuff is a total misleading rip off.

Laila Amado spends her days teaching, writing, never quite catching up on her own research agenda, and trying to get a teenage kid through a global pandemic. In her free time, she can be found staring at the Mediterranean Sea. Occasionally, the sea stares back. She is on Twitter @onbonbon7

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