Rock & Roll Roll Up

Bukowski claims that poetry comes from

Your guts – its rock and roll man:

Clutching a bottle of J&B with 

A roll up in your hand

Its sex and semen splashed with 

Venting passion & I’m with the band

Long black limbs encased in

Black denim, cowboy boots and your

Dick in your hand

Red roses & leather guitars and 60’s 

Dead icons – fast fading stars to razor blades and groupies

Selling your soul like Robert Johnson to a cross roads demon

To feed your muses fix – all that effort to keep poetry’s kicks

Dr Jane Mainley Piddock: PhD English literature, Aberystwyth University,  the Ghost Stories Of M R James I have been the recipient of a poetry mentoring award from Writing West Midlands & Nine Arches Press, for 2016-2017, by Poet Jane Commane, and am busy writing my book (Casting The Runes – The Letters of M. R. James) with unbounders press.

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