2021 Oscar viewership even lower than reported due to corporate retreat mix-up…

April 27, 2021. Updated Nielsen Broadcast Data (BDS) reports that viewership for last Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony was even lower than initially reported as hundreds of employees of Boston Consulting Group tuned in accidently thinking they were in the final breakout session of their weekend-long corporate retreat. According to Bert Bauer, age 53, who spent forty minutes on the call trying, unsuccessfully, to sell actuarial consulting services to Anthony Hopkins, 83, “an incorrect Zoom link was sent out to all senior management for the final online networking and ‘mix and mingle’ session of BCG’s post-COVID ‘Build Back Better’ (BBB) weekend.” Organized as a Sunday evening capstone opportunity for “Celebration and Connection,” following a weekend of strategic planning on the future direction of the prestigious management firm, BCG employees noted little difference in what they were watching on the Zoom feed and the corporate retreat programming that had taken place all weekend. Sources indicate that it was only when Daisie Medrano, HR executive who helped organize the professional development weekend, noticed that the DJ at the final celebration was Questlove, and not, in fact, the Boston-based entertainment and event service company she had hired, “The Vinyl Resting Place,” that employees were notified and redirected to the appropriate online breakout room.

Andrew Scott lives in Toronto, Canada, in a house amongst children, antiquated technology of yesteryear and many, many instruments. From this location, he makes music, writes letters, narrates radio dramas, composes poems and submits journalistic pieces.

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