A Parallelism between our “Covid Situation” and Schitt’s Creek

Amidst the horrendous news of lack of gas cylinders and vaccines, I wanted to run into the arms of a show that has given me hope. It dives into the theme of “You come out of darkness stronger, better and wiser”. Even though it is a satire, I could not help but draw parallelism between our present situation and Schitt’s Creek. 

The beginning of this hilarious yet heartening story is quite relatable. Both the news of their “Riches to Rags” and our “Free to Quarantined” came as a shock. The exasperation of the four ungrateful-affluent individuals made me chuckle at the fact that nobody really appreciates what they have until it’s gone. People became Moira Rose and exclaimed, “The world is falling apart around us and I’m dying inside.” 

Having said that, whether it was David, fortunately discovering the truth about his fake friends or Alexis, getting closure about her terrible boyfriend choices, this new life might not have been a total catastrophe. For more than one year, I have witnessed people finally uniting with their families, focusing more on their hobbies, learning new things, and spending more time with their loved ones. Almost feels like we all have been living a detached life until we were forced to live together with our loved ones. 

Some had aversion to Ghar ka Khana like the Rose family had with anything they got from Café Tropical. However, soon everyone accepted their fates and did what could be done. There were not a lot of options “to have fun” just like the town of Schitt’s Creek but people adapted to this new life, told themselves they would soon get out of this nightmare of a situation.

But life always doesn’t turn out the way we want it to, does it? Another year passed and 2021 does not look like the shiniest stone in the store. However, there has been a personal transformation, the kind that only makes you tougher and pushes you to persevere. Just like David’s Rose apothecary, many started their own business. Even though a line of designer masks came as a quirky idea, it was still a hit because it met the demands of the people. People used social media to help those who are in need and were ready to do anything to save lives.

Some had spiritual awakenings like Alexis had a character transformation. People confided in what was good because they knew that life could be more meaningful, because they knew that crying about something that is not certain might not be the best idea. So, they worked on what was necessary to change that aspect of themselves and came out with flying colours. 

Invention of vaccines is very much like the ending of the show. The four newly “grateful and affluent individuals” still have a long way to go but they know that things are better. They are not the greatest, but every cloud has a silver lining and so do their lives. They are scared because what if they have to see the same fate again? What if John’s new venture fails or Moira’s new TV show is a disaster? but they leave the town with hope that ‘everything will be alright’. There is a little bit of thunder and a little bit of rain, but the sunshine never fails to visit time and again.

I am Manvi Goel, a second-year law student from Jindal Global Law School, Sonipat and a published writer. I write because it helps me make sense out of the absurdity that this world is. My work is generally opinionated, emotional, quirky and unconventional. 

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