The Hell-Bound Fool

Each and every Easter, 

my neighbor 

puts out a yard sign. 

“He is Risen,” it exclaims.

We’ve talked extensively 

about the grammar. 

Past and present participles 

don’t seem to concern him 

as much as the greater point 

he is making about the risen

Lord and my own position as 

the one and only

Doubting Thomas. 

The one and only

Hell-bound fool.

We finally had to agree to 

disagree when I put up a 

yard sign of my own, 

in bubble letters, 

with hearts over the “I”s.

Rainbows and smiley faces. 

It says, “Wu-Tang Clan 

Ain’t Nuthin’

to Fuck 


Andre F. Peltier is a Lecturer III at Eastern Michigan University where he teaches literature and writing. He lives in Ypsilanti, MI, with his family. His poetry has appeared in or is forthcoming from numerous journals. In his free time, he obsesses about soccer and comic books.
Twitter: @aandrefpeltier

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